Endorsements about the book cont.

"Superb! Insight and thoughtful analysis are too frequently early casualties in the battle against terrorism. Brian Jenkins provides a unique, penetrating analysis of our psychological vulnerability to the threat of nuclear terrorism -- an analysis we cannot afford to ignore."

         --James N. Breckenridge, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, PGSP/Stanford, Associate Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Policy, Education and Research on Terrorism


 "The dean of America’s scholars on terrorism, Brian Jenkins shows how vulnerable we Americans are to nuclear terror.  He begins with the main ingredients of terror – the nuclear weapons and the terrorists themselves.  But then we see that the terror enterprise extends well beyond them to our society and government – the media, political leaders, literature, 'experts' on terrorism, and yes even think tanks.  The entire enterprise magnifies and even goes beyond the facts to scare us into either immobility or rash action.  The book ends with the ultimate challenge:  how can we put our fears in perspective after the worst imaginable has happened – a nuclear explosion on our own soil."

         --James A. Thomson, President and CEO, The Rand Corporation

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